RMI Proxy Plus! 2.0

Secure RMI proxying through firewalls.  RMI over the Internet is now a practical proposition.

  • eliminates HTTP tunnelling, CGI scripts, and servlets
  • implements full access control based on the Java 2 Security Model
  • provides firewall event logging NOW CONFIGURABLE
  • supports RMI servers behind firewalls
  • supports callbacks through firewalls
  • supports client- and server-side NAT
  • supports multiple client- and server-side firewall enclaves
  • supports JDK 1.1, 1.2,  1.3.x, and 1.4.x, and JDK 1.1 skeletons
  • supports Activation
  • uses a minimal client & server API
  • works through Raptor/Eagle firewalls
NEW RMI Proxy Plus! 2.0 with support for Java Web Start and other non-codebase deployments

Evaluation copy  available now! (expiry version)
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last updated 23 December 2004

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